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This morning Mark & I were sitting at camp in Nevada having a conversation when we remembered…it’s the holidays.  I’d completely forgotten.  Then, what immediately came to my mind were the millions of people running around frantically attending holiday parties, catching flights and shopping, shopping, shopping.  It saddens me that the holidays have become synonymous with shopping, spending and stress.

In my opinion, material items don’t make great memories like experience does which is exactly why we’re currently out exploring the Nevada desert, forgetting that it’s the holidays.  Try consuming a little less merchandise this holiday season and a little more nature.  Take a hike, watch the sunset, make a snowman.  Nature is free and priceless.  Slow down and appreciate all that you have and stop wanting for everything you don’t.

Good people, abundant food, water and shelter are all that we really need to live, love and enjoy life.  Isn’t that what we should be focused on this time of year?