In July we managed to escape for three whole days of rest and relaxation near the Flat Tops Wilderness.  We only live a little more than an hour away but had never been to the Flat Tops.  We were so taken by the beauty of the area that I have a feeling we’ll be returning soon.  Since getting our camper I’ve started a journal to document our adventures.  Here is a little piece of what I had to write our second night at the Flat Tops.

It has been and continues to be a memorable day.  We began our day with a hike to Devil’s Causeway, or so we thought.  Armed with nothing but our mis-guided instinct (okay, to give us some credit, we did have food, water and rain gear, just no maps) we realized about four miles in to our hike that we had taken the wrong trail.  The views were still spectacular there on top of the Flat Tops so we decided to take a lunch break.  About 30 seconds following that decision lightning struck directly overhead so we quickly began our descent.

I prayed for the next two miles.

Although it was obvious there was still more to come, the sun followed us for the remaining two miles of what turned out to be an 8.3 mile hike nowhere near the Devil’s Causeway.  After our hike it didn’t take long to find the perfect secluded camp site set among a gorgeous aspen grove.  We set up camp, enjoyed some chips & salsa, went for a stroll and took a few photos.  Generally, a whole lot of nothing, which is the beauty of camping and something I can’t seem to get myself to enjoy at home.  Now I’m listening to the rain pound on the roof and lightning strike all around.  The result of two storm systems that we watched merge directly above us.  What a day.