Adrenaline Rush at The Devil’s Causeway


If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, the Devil’s Causeway is where it’s at.  Since our first attempt to hike it in July (we got rained out…and slightly lost too), I’ve been psyching myself out in an attempt to find the nerve to cross it.  However, all the psyching out in the world won’t prep you for the adrenaline and delirium you will feel when standing at one end of this narrow rock wall staring across to the other side while seeing the ground fall away from you on either side.  The Devil’s Causeway is no joke and no photo found on Google will do it justice.  As soon as I laid eyes on it, there was no question, no way in hell was I going to cross that thing.  Just watching Mark trek across and back got my heart rate up.  I’ll continue to go on thinking I’m more of a bad ass than I actually am but for now I’m perfectly fine knowing that the Devil’s Causeway got the best of me.

Entering the Flat Tops Wilderness area with the Chinese Wall in the background.

Beginning the ascent. It’s about 1500 ft of elevation gain in 3 miles.

The view from Devil’s Causeway including Stillwater Reservoir and Flat Top Mountain.

Mark’s view from the opposite side looking back at me.

The view from the trailhead driving back to camp.

The ideal setting for a post-hike snack.

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