An airplane update: finding out if the engine will run

When we bought our Kitfox airplane three weeks ago, we bought it knowing there was a possibility it would need a new motor.  We got such a great deal, the airframe alone was worth the price we paid, that we were willing to take the risk of having to buy a new motor.  However, we’re not made of money and while we were willing to take the risk, the idea of having to buy a new motor had us a little on edge.  When we bought it, what we did know was that there had been an oil leak, the source of the leak was never found and after the leak happened the airplane was never flown again.  That was 10 years ago.  Mark found the source of the leak and repaired it.  He also replaced parts to those that needed replacing after 10 years of corrosion.  Mark had reached a point where he didn’t want to put any more money in to something that may never work so it was time to turn the key and see if there was life.

My dad and I, each with a fire extinquisher in hand, stood behind the plane and anxiously waited as Mark faced the moment of truth.  When it started up and purred like a kitten I completely freaked out with excitement.  My dad was choked up, Mark was elated, needless to say it was one hell of a great day.  This airplane was an inanimate object when we bought it so seeing it come to life washed away all the doubt in the back of our minds saying “was this purchase a mistake?”.  We took a risk and now know it was worth it.

So now Mark is going to continuing making repairs and updates in order to feel as confident with the airplane as possible before taking flight.  We’re one step close to seeing this bird fly.  We’re not on a deadline and this is not a project to be rushed but there’s a good chance we’re only a few weeks away from our next milestone!





My dad pretending to fly, hence the hyper intense face : )
One pilot ready to fly and one pilot wondering why they’re not already in the air.

Fingers crossed we’ll be flying soon!  Stay tuned!


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