Baja California Road Trip Week 2: Slowing down in Loreto

It may sound silly but it wasn’t until Day 9 that this trip felt real.  It had finally sunk in, this wasn’t a dream I was going to wake up from.  I was truly in Mexico, camped steps from the ocean.  The sound of calm seas lapping the shoreline had been putting me to sleep at night and waking me up every morning for the last 9 days.  

Over the years, many of our friends have recounted their Baja stories to us, always exclaiming “you have to go, it’s so good”.  We get it now, it’s paradise, especially for truck campers.  It comes as no surprise too, that we’ve seen countless Four Wheel Campers on the roads and beaches of Baja.  

Coming in to our second week we were ready to slow our pace.  We found a nice place to park on the water just South of Loreto and every morning found ourselves reluctant to leave.  One night turned in to two, two turned in to three and we ended up spending five nights and four glorious days here.

One afternoon Mark & I packed up the truck and drove in to Loreto for a little walkabout town followed by dinner at Mi Loreto.  Downtown had a wonderful, welcoming charm to it and our meal at Mi Loreto was excellent.  We really enjoyed our time here.

By the end of the week the draw to see something new was pulling us back to the road.  We decided to take an hour long detour in to the mountains to visit the San Javier Mission that dates back to 1699.  The drive there was beautiful and the village surrounding the mission rather quiet and quaint.  Our dinner at Betty’s Kitchen sealed the deal, this detour was totally worth it.

That night we camped in the desert not far from the mission and the next morning were right back at Betty’s Kitchen for breakfast.  

We leisurely made our way back to Highway 1 for a short jaunt south.  It wasn’t long before we came upon yet another beach that looked ideal to call home for the night.

Tomorrow marks the start of week 3.  Will we stay at this paradise or continue on in search of another?  Since we have zero plans on this trip you’ll have to wait and see.  We’ll wake up tomorrow morning and see what strikes us.  For us, a trip with no plans is by far the best kind of trip.


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  • I love it so so much! This is my dream! I should get my camper between April and June😁 and this will go on my list. Maybe I can ping you at some point for additional details. Thank you!!!

    • This trip is 100% a dream worth pursuing! You must be so stoked to get your camper. Are you getting a Four Wheel? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions!

  • Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. Very happy you share your adventures. I love reading about them from the comfort of my bed! Linny

  • Loving traveling along with you guys! Head down to Rancho Leonero- I stayed there years ago when we were working on a resort nearby. It has a great history of hosting Bing Crosby and John Wayne, great food, and known for the deep sea fishing trips from there. The beaches are beautiful around there. Also check out Punta Arena de la Ventana.

    • Thank you so much for the recommendations! We’re starting to run out of time and cannot believe how much more there is to see. With any luck we’ll be back next year!

  • My daughter and I had planned a trip from Yuma to LaPaz but canceled because of the fuel problems. I drive a 2007 chevy 1 ton with a Lance 1030 on top. I tow my nissan exterra. We are two women traveling alone, wish we had another rig to go with


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