Baja Day 14: Guerrero Negro to Punta Santo Domingo

I thought we’d stay in Guerrero Negro another day to get some more work done but Mark reminds me that thanks to Starlink we can get work done anywhere. And besides, he’s ready to get out of the city. Barking dogs, street lights, and close neighbors don’t make for the most peaceful sleep in a pop-up truck camper. 

I can tell I’m not in the mood to make decisions today about our route and camping options. Luckily I can say this out loud to Mark and he takes the lead. When you set off down the road with no plan of where you’re staying that night, tensions can run high if you’re not able to clearly communicate your wants/needs with your travel partner. In the past this day probably would have been rather sour, with my crappy mood and Mark not getting any help or input in regards to where we should go. But we recognized the potential issues before they even came up and it felt good to exercise all the lessons we’ve learned in 10 years of overland-style travel. 

After striking out at a few spots we returned to an area we scratched the surface of last year, this time deciding to go further down the soft, sandy road. We put to use an important off-roading mantra “when in doubt, scout” meaning we pulled over and walked ahead on two occasions to make sure we wouldn’t get stuck in the soft sand. We eventually found a pretty phenomenal little spot overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Between the soundtrack of the crashing waves and barking sea lions plus trails and white sand beaches in every direction, I think we’ll be happy here for a few days. 

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