Baja Day 15: Punta Santo Domingo

I knew we wouldn’t get any work done once we left the city. We had every intention this morning but first the sunrise stole our attention. Then cook & clean up breakfast, then yoga, then the pull to explore beaches, alcoves, pools, and cliffs that we couldn’t ignore. Come sunset we each wandered off in opposite directions with cameras in hand like giddy little kids. Nothing energizes Mark & I quite like dynamic light. We soaked up every last bit of color in the sky and once it was dark were finally able to direct our attention elsewhere and make some dinner. It was one hell of a dreamy day. 

Running through my memory today was the fact that 7 years ago this month I was in between surgeries and on my third month of bed rest. An incredibly random health ailment had taken me down, out of nowhere. It would be another month before I could comfortably walk and resume day to day activities. The fact that anything can happen at any time is always at the front of my mind. So on days like today I revel in my health and my body’s abilities. What I can do today I may not be able to do tomorrow and most definitely won’t be able to do as easily 10 years from now.  That level of awareness is what I love about getting older. It’s what allows me to truly, deeply appreciate a day like today. 

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