Baja Day 17: Punta Santo Domingo

Today is the first gloomy day since arriving in Baja a little over two weeks ago. Not only is our camper solar-powered but so are Mark & I. We move at a slower pace today and a little bit of loneliness and unrest sets in. 

We’ve hardly seen a soul in three days. While we deeply enjoy this level of solitude from time to time, after a few days we crave some sort of interaction with others. 

There’s been little stimulus to occupy our brains today. It’s interesting to observe where your thoughts wander off to when you remove your vices, the internet, and interaction with other humans from the equation. Mark & i both found ourselves worrying about random things for no other reason than there was little to distract us. 

All that to say, it’s time to pack up and head down the road tomorrow to somewhere new. 

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  • Yeah it is winter. But… don’t forget San Ignacio. An old town with mission and oasis. But not on the beach. Just a mile or so off the main highway between Guerrero Negro and Santa Rosalia, on the way south toward Mulege and Bahia Concepcion – a quaint, rustic pueblo surrounded by hundreds of miles of desert. You may have been there before – if so forgive my ranting and raving about it but it must not be missed. I think there is a museum or two there, too.

    • We’ve been to San Ignacio but not for more than a day. We need to spend a bit more time there as we’re really coming to love the interior places as much as the beach.

  • I really enjoy your pictures. We have been to Mexico many times, but not to the Baja. My wife and I are in our nineties so I don’t think we will get where you are travelling. Good luck with your trip !

    • Thank you William! We’ve never traveled to the mainland but would certainly love to have that experience some time.


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