Baja Day 18: Punta Santo Domingo to San Ignacio

It’s still overcast this morning and our batteries are showing it. While I’m using electricity to make oatmeal in the Instant Pot, Mark realizes he’ll need power to use the compressor to air our tires back up once we return to the highway (he aired them down in order to not get stuck in the soft sand). When the truck is running it charges our batteries so we let it run while we pack, hoping to get enough juice to run the compressor. This is the nature of living on solar power. 

After the hour long drive from the beach to the highway, we run a few errands around town. While Mark is checking out in the grocery store I start researching camping options and calculating how far we might want to drive. It’s already 1:30pm and the #1 rule for traveling in Mexico is to not drive at night. If you get on the road not knowing where you’re sleeping that night, you could easily accidentally find yourself driving after dark if you’re not careful. We decide to play it safe and do an overnighter in the next town 2 hours away before pushing further south. 

We arrive in town and drive through two abandoned-looking campgrounds before finding a modest one with a friendly host and several other travelers. We settle in with enough daylight to walk around town and make friends with the local pups.  I’m glad we decided to stop and equally anxious to get back on the road tomorrow. 


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  • As young as you guys are, and considering your intentions to live on the road, you might consider upgrading to lithium batteries + more solar, a roomier camper, onboard shower, Starlink etc. to keep life on the road fun. Also, a Baja trip needs to be planned around impending wind which a Windy app can forcast- many times when the Sea of Cortez side is windy the Pacific side is calm & vice versa.
    There it is- a lot of advice you never asked for.
    Happy Trails, Will

    • Great advice Will! We have lithium batteries and lots of solar but sometimes cloudy days day after day still cause us to have to dial back our energy use. We got Starlink last year and that has absolutely been a game changer. You’re right about having a roomier camper and onboard shower for added comfort with full-time travel. We have a 21′ travel trailer in storage in the states. That’s what we live out of when we’re not in Baja and it has all the comforts we could ever need which is what has made full-time travel feel so sustainable for us.

  • Your travel notes are making us want to again hit the road, maybe back to Baja! It sounds like you might have a 12V compressor that you might power via a cigarette outlet plug. We have a Viair 300P, which used to be a lot less expensive than they now seem to be, and it is only powered via battery clips directly to a 12V battery. I still always use it with the engine running, but there is no waiting once the engine is on.


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