Baja Day 19: San Ignacio to Mulege

I was in an “I want to be anywhere but here” kind of mood when we got up this morning and we made the rookie mistake of impulsively scratching that itch. 

We got on the road without eating breakfast first. Mistake #1. And we didn’t take advantage of the campground’s shower facilities. Mistake #2. An hour or so later we arrived in Santa Rosalia hoping to find some breakfast but my phone surprisingly had zero service and the narrow, packed streets were challenging for Mark to navigate with our trailer. A little frustrated, we decided to push on to Mulege, which ended up being not quite as close as we thought. Pushing on, when hunger and tension were on the rise, was mistake #3. 

After navigating Mulege’s equally narrow streets and very limited parking we finally got some fish tacos in our bellies. It had been 24 hours since we last ate, how we let that happen is beyond me. We know better. 

We still had no clue where we were sleeping that night but serendipitously ran in to the friendly Canadians we were camped next to last week. They told us they were parked on a nice beach at the end of town. Decision fatigue hit us hard today so the idea of driving a few miles down the road to a spot where we could park and call it a day sounded great. We ended up parked next to the Canadians as well as an Alaskan family that we’d come across a few days ago. Friendly faces warmed up our day and in no time we felt right at home. 


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  • Sorry that you had that experience, but it’s good to hear that veteran travelers still have these kind of days too. 🙂 We keep a sizable bag of snacks in the truck at all times so that we can at least keep the hangriness to a minimum! But sometimes those other sources of stress win and you have to just start over the next day.

    • Exactly! Knowing those days are just bound to happen and striving for patience with yourself and your travel partners is key. And yes, a bag of snacks should always be on hand!

    • We enjoyed the atmosphere at Armando’s, great spot! Have you tried Mulege Brewing Company? The beer and pizza is fantastic! We also really enjoyed the fish tacos at El Kaluly, right in the center of town. Highly recommend both places next time you’re in the area!

  • Bummer. I know how it feels when one thing goes wrong then everything seems to go wrong. So nice you got fed and ran into friendly faces. I’m sure the good things far outweigh the bad.

    • Absolutely! Luckily we’re very used to all the highs and lows that come with this lifestyle and are pretty good at riding the wave.


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