Baja Day 21: Loreto to La Purisima

We set out on quite an adventure today. The goal was to leave Loreto (on the Sea of Cortez) and cross the Baja peninsula over to the Pacific side to camp at San Juanico. Two days ago we had no intention of heading that direction but the Windy App showed us several days of 25-35mph gusts forecasted for the entire length of Baja’s Sea of Cortez shoreline. With calm winds forecasted for the Pacific side, we were sold on making the trek. 

That trek looked a little something like this:

-42 miles 
-4.5 hours
-Average speed of 5-10 mph
-Top speed of 25 mph
-1 other vehicle encountered 
-4wd necessary 
-Patience and an excellent sense of humor required 

We’ve done a lot of off-roading over the years but this road takes the cake for longest on-going crawl. And I’m happy to report that we enjoyed every minute of it. 

Why do we do these kinds of things and why do we love them so much? Because in a weird way it’s meditative. The only task at hand is to arrive safely at our destination and enjoy the beauty of the journey along the way. Technical driving requires focus and paying close attention to every obstacle. Your brain can’t dwell or stew or stress about the usual stuff because you’re too busy keeping the truck on the road and trying not to hit your head while you jostle around from side to side in the cab. It’s thrilling and peaceful all at the same time. 

We don’t seek these kinds of adventures out nearly as often as we used to but we had a blast adding this one to our list today. It was one of those days that I imagine Mark & I fondly reminiscing over once we’re far too old to take on such shenanigans. 


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