Baja Day 22: La Purisima to San Juanico

Last night was the second night of this trip that we didn’t camp on the ocean. Aside from the occasional hoot of an owl and some frogs in the distance, it was completely and utterly void of sound.  It more than made up for being woken up yesterday at 6am by our camp neighbor loudly participating in a conference call with her windows open, not 10’ from our canvas walls. Every day and every night on this trip is different. 

Birdsong filled the air all morning while we made breakfast and did some work. Curious goats watched down over us from the towering cliff above, kicking rocks off the edge that would tumble down hundreds of feet until landing in the river below. A funny albeit slightly nerve-racking sight. 

We drove a couple of hours on pavement today which was a noticeable and welcome change of pace from yesterday’s backcountry adventure. Upon arriving in San Juanico we saw one of the largest stretches of white sand beach we’ve ever laid eyes on. Our camping options were looking promising. 

After scoping out the tiny town and grabbing some fish tacos we chose a spot along the beach to call home for the night. Heeding warnings from previous travelers, we chose the safest spot that looked out of the way of the incoming tide. But the thorny burrs that layer the ground here will have us out in search of something better in the morning. Hopefully not too far from here because this beach is unlike any other I’ve ever seen and I could easily admire it for days. 

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  • Nice pic of Vermilion Flycatcher
    Camp at Scorpion Bay Campground
    Great restaurant
    Keyhole sandollars on beach opposite campground
    Water & ice available nearby


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