Baja Day 23: San Juanico

High tide was at 8:00am this morning which gave us the opportunity to go for a walk and scope out a better campsite that was clear of the tide.  We packed up and moved a short distance to an ideal spot. After getting  set up we both stood in awe of our surroundings. We drove every day this week in pursuit of comfortable weather and beautiful scenery and we’d found it. A beach so pristine we looked at each other several times today and shook our heads in disbelief. 

What makes this beach unique and captivating is how flat it is. High tide to low tide spans a distance of well over a hundred yards. Watching more and more and more of the playa reveal itself as the tide went out over the course of the day was fascinating. 

Mark & I are mountain people and so getting to spend months on end with the ocean steps from our door is an incredible opportunity to connect with our planet in a way we never have before. The tide change blows our mind. The way our oceans react to our distance from the moon and sun really highlights the fact that we’re all attached to a giant orbiting rock floating in space. A rock that is the perfect distance from the sun to sustain life. And there’s really nothing quite like bringing those facts to the front of your brain to keep things in perspective. 

With that, we’ll be here…until we run out of food. 


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