Baja Day 24: San Juanico

It felt luxurious to wake up this morning and know we wouldn’t be packing up and moving anywhere. Better yet, it’s Sunday, the one day of the week I’m actually good at relaxing. After breakfast I dug my feet in to the the soft sand and dove in to a new book. For me, there’s something about devoting an hour or two to reading a book, with no interruptions, that feels wildly indulgent. I enjoyed every second. 

After spending a few hours putting together a Baja guide for a friend that is about to head down for their first ever trip, we went for a walk on the beach. We covered a few miles and yet the beach still continued on for as far as the eye could see. 

Hot showers were the highlight of the day. You come to truly appreciate being clean when it’s not an everyday occurrence. While this beach is heaven on earth it’s impossible to keep yourself or anything else clean as the sand is fine and only needs the slightest breeze to cover everything. A price we’re happy to pay for beachfront living. 

At sunset, we walked a mile in to town to scope out dining options of which we found none. So we walked back home and cooked a satisfying dinner. We watched the most beautiful crescent moon set and then retreated to our tiny home for the night. 

Another damn near perfect day in Mexico. 


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By michele


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