Baja Day 26: San Juanico

If you were to ask me what a perfect day at camp looks like, it would pretty much be today. 

After cooking and cleaning up breakfast, we finally broke out our bocce ball set and played several rounds on the beach. This is a very flat, drivable beach so locals passed by as we played…on quads, motorcycles, in Suzuki Samarais, and beat up trucks. All offering a casual wave or peace sign as they passed. Beach vibes are such good vibes. 

Our next beach activity was yoga, then reading a book with my toes in the sand. Ready for our next meal, we decided to walk in to town to try out a restaurant that Mark came across on his walk yesterday. In tiny towns like these, my expectations are low. To my surprise and delight the food was amazing and ambiance even better. The best part…$18 for chips & guacamole, four fish tacos, and two cervezas. We struck up a conversation with a few guys walking by as we were leaving the restaurant. According to them, the place serves great burgers. I’m guessing we’ll be back tomorrow. 

We walked the streets around town then made our way home. A sweet stray dog escorted us nearly all the way back until he was chased off by another camper’s dog. Good thing, I may otherwise have had a hard time not making him feel right at home at our camp with love and snacks. Inevitably we’ll one day have a dog again, and I’m guessing that dog will be Mexican. 

As the sunset Mark dove in to a new book. Meanwhile I began designing the book that will include these photos and words so that when we’re old and tired and our memory has faded, we can look back and relive days like today. I never want to forget these moments in time that remind me how damn good it can be to be alive. 


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