Baja Day 32: Playa Ligui

It’s been a very chill and fairly ordinary day (minus the pod of dolphins that swam by…twice). 

I got in to work mode for a few hours. It’s amazing how quickly that mindset removes me from my environment. When I wrapped up and stepped outside I was hit upside the head by my reality. Oh right, I’m living on a beach…in Mexico. How incredible is 21st century technology that I can run my business from literally anywhere.  

The most exciting thing that’s been happening the last few days is that a friend of ours has dove head first in to living on the road full time and is on their way to meet up with us. This lifestyle has a steep learning curve and for anyone to just go for it is impressive. From experience, I know all too well that anything can happen for them. They might hate it and throw in the towel in a week or two. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the fact that it could change the course of their life entirely. Who knows what will happen. But I love someone who is open to all the possibilities, to putting it all on the line and letting the universe provide you with opportunities that may have never otherwise been possible. This nomad lifestyle has enriched my life in ways I never could have dreamed of. I can’t wait to start traveling together and to do whatever we can to help them succeed. 

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