Baja Day 33: Playa Ligui to Loreto

It seemed criminal to pack up and leave this beach on such a perfect day. But it was due time to get to a town and do some chores. In other words, we smell pretty bad, our toilet is full, we’re overflowing with dirty laundry, and we need to restock our refrigerator. 

We didn’t leave before getting some dolphin therapy though. What’s dolphin therapy you might be wondering? Well, it’s waking up in a pitiful mood from an awful dream, then seeing a pod of dolphins swim by (and a baby dolphin, a BABY DOLPHIN jump out of the water) and instantly feeling healed from the demons of my subconscious that visited me in my sleep. Boom. Dolphin therapy. 

Seriously though, the healing qualities of nature are unmatched. 

We arrived in Loreto mid-afternoon and scored one of the last spots at the campground right in the center of town. We walked two blocks down the street to a great little restaurant where we enjoyed an early dinner and some unexpected live music. This is our third time in Loreto and every time we’re here I love it a little more. We’re looking forward to two whole days here before heading back to the beach. 

Video: A short clip of the dolphins that passed by.


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