Baja Day 34: Loreto

We started the day with a long walk along Loreto’s malecón (boardwalk) while the sun rose over the Sea of Cortez. The town was just waking up and many of the downtown shops and restaurants preparing to open. We came across a nice camp spot overlooking the ocean on the edge of town and banked it in our memory for future use. Then we made our way home meandering the city streets. With this being our third visit here, we were beginning to assemble a mental map of Loreto’s roads and neighborhoods. 

We logged a few more miles around town throughout the day to find breakfast, drop off laundry, find fish tacos, explore various markets, and lastly to find dinner. While we decided to come stay in a city for a couple of days to do chores, I think we’re doing more eating than anything. I can’t think of any time before today that we ate at 3 restaurants in one day. The idea of indulging ourselves sounded amazing but our digestive systems aren’t necessarily agreeing.  I am currently in a proper food coma and ready to call it a night at 9pm. The break from cooking and cleaning was awesome but may so not have been worth it. 


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  • Looks beautiful! You guys sound a lot like us. We recently took a week-long trip to FL and decided to just stay in a hotel and eat at restaurants for dinner each evening (our hotel had breakfast and we still packed our own lunches). We thought maybe we’d been missing out by always camping and taking our own food! But we felt the same as you just described and we were so tired of restaurant food by the time our trip was over that we’re STILL avoiding restaurants. Glad we’re not the only “weirdos” out there, lol.


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