Baja Day 35: Loreto

This morning a cruise ship set anchor off the coast of Loreto and shuttled hundreds of people over to the marina where they would be set free to walk around town. This entirely changed the vibe of the downtown promenade with pop-up vendors setting up booths, restaurants expanding their patios with additional tables and chairs, and the municipal police out in full force to stop traffic and give pedestrians priority. At first I thought the takeover might be a drag but the cruisers didn’t venture far from the town square. 

After grocery shopping and food prep we picked up our laundry. We’ve been making nervous jokes since we dropped it off yesterday about what an experience it would be if our clothes were to get damaged and we had to replace everything. So we were pretty stoked to have our wardrobe back in our possession. And blown away by how perfectly everything was folded. The amount of care that was put in to our laundry was obvious and impressive. 

Clean clothes AND showers all in the same day had us feeling pretty great about life. We know full well to enjoy it while it lasts cause it doesn’t last long in this dirty lifestyle. 

The highlight of the day though was our dinner at a great little restaurant two blocks from camp. Our last couple of meals out have been lacking spice, something we love and have come to expect from authentic Mexican food. So at Orlando’s we asked if they could heat things up for us. They knocked it out of the park with one of the best spicy verde sauces we’ve ever had. We’ll definitely be back for breakfast. And then back on the road and headed for another beach. 

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