Baja Day 36: Loreto to Punta Piedrita

This afternoon, after a leisurely and beautiful 2 hour drive, we arrived at Punta Piedrita, aka “the windy side of Santispac”. Playa Santispac is one of the most congested beaches on one of the busiest bays in all of Baja…Bahia de Concepcion. I can see the appeal, the water is turquoise, the beaches are white, and the views expansive. But once a place draws crowds to this level, the appeal (to us) starts to decline. Luckily if you do a bit of research you can learn the quirks of a place and end up on a nearby beach just as beautiful with a fraction of the people. The trade we made was that we’re on the windy side of the shoreline but we scored a great, sturdy palapa that might be just what we need when the wind starts howling.  For now the forecast is looking promising, the paddle boards are blown up, and a friend of ours is headed here tomorrow.  With that, it’s feeling like a great weekend lies ahead. 

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  • When I saw the cover photo, I thought this is not Mark and Michelle’s jam. There are a LOT of people traveling Baja. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Hope to see you soon. MOM

    • We definitely wouldn’t find ourselves parked in that scene! Luckily the beach right around the corner was wide open, despite being a bit windier.


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