Baja Day 37: Punta Piedrita

Once every week or so I have a day where I really don’t want to be exposed to the elements all day. Today was one of those days. So after getting out on the water this morning I retreated to the comfort of the camper for the afternoon. I tend to feel pretty lame for not being outside making the most of the fact that I get to be living on a beach in Mexico but now that we’re moving in to our second month of this trip I feel like a break from the sun and sand is warranted. 

Our friend Parker arrived from the states yesterday and so Mark spent the day tackling a solar project with him. Ever since we moved on to the road in 2020, Mark has become quite good at working on projects from any location. Whether it’s in an automotive store parking lot, on a patch of dirt in the middle of the desert, or a beach in Mexico, he always gets the job done. 

Come sunset we hopped in Parker’s truck (what a treat to not have to pack up our camper) and drove 20 minutes up the road to try out Mulege Brewing Company. I hate walking in to a place with expectations but we’d been told they serve the best pizza in Baja so my hopes were high. Miguel, the owner, could not have been more welcoming, and sure enough, he made some damn good pizza. 

After returning home our Canadian neighbors, Lawrence & Yin, invited us over to enjoy their campfire. I love how easily the conversations flow with fellow travelers, no matter the age difference. Everyone is so happy to be here and the shared enthusiasm is energizing. 

We called it a night before it was even 9pm and walked home beneath the glow of a full moon, ready to let our bellies full of pizza lull us to sleep. 


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  • Been really enjoying your posts simple and real, up here in Canada Saskatchewan we can get a glimpse of life on the road down south. Our travels are primarily in Northern Canada, Yukon and Northwest Territories so quite a different experience. Just a quick question we have not pulled a trailer with our truck camper before on long extended trips do you find it a problem with camp spots roads etc. We like the freedom of not having one but miss our canoe even though we have a inflatable kayak. If you interested in our northern travels in Canada we have a few posts at Keep posting and safe travels….Gerry and Charlotte

    • Thanks so much for reading and for your kind comments Gerry. The trailer does indeed make it less easy and simple as when we’re in just the truck. However, because the trailer is so short and also has high-clearance, we find we’re able to take it many of the places we like to go. It also provides a lot of added comfort with all the extra resources and amenities we’re able to carry so we’ve decided the trade off of having it vs. not having it is worth it.


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