Baja Day 40: Punta Piedrita

The moment the sun rises over the ocean it bathes the inside of the camper in golden light. I can’t think of a more peaceful way to start the day. 

I get dressed, wash my face, and a few minutes later hear a voice outside call out to Mark “Are you Two Happy Campers?”.  I step outside (relieved that I’m not in my pjs) and meet Will & Gill. Will is a long-time reader of the blog and recognized our truck while him and Gill were out for a walk on the beach. I can recall reading and responding to Will’s blog comments and enjoy getting to put a face to the name. Their gracious compliments about my writing make my day. 

We spend the afternoon being hermits inside the camper, hiding from the wind and preserving our cleanliness from the showers we had taken earlier in the day. 

Happy hour at Armando’s, the little beachfront restaurant down the road, is what gets us to finally step out of our cave. Chips & guacamole, fish tacos, and the local restaurant dog (there’s always at least one) make for a great evening. 

We pow wow over dinner about where we want to head next. Four days sitting still in one spot has us feeling antsy to get back on the road for some more exploring. We come up with an extremely loose plan, enjoy a leisurely walk back to camp, and conclude what is starting to feel like a very normal day of our new winter lifestyle. 

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  • When there’s wind on both coasts the are 2 camping spots near Santiago, south of La Paz which are generally wind sheltered.
    Rancho.Sol de Mayo @ Rancho Santa Rita
    Chkem out/ Lots of birds like Xantus hummer
    & Hooded Oriole

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