Baja Day 43: Playa Ligui

One night in Loreto was just enough. We were packed in tight among all the other campers inside the small, fully occupied campground. But starting the day with a hot shower and short walk to breakfast made it entirely worth it. 

We found an excellent little spot for breakfast called Dory Luz. Not long after our plates were served a woman stepped out of the kitchen and handed us two piping hot corn tortillas, her hands still covered in corn flour. Every item was obviously made from scratch. We walked away shaking our heads that we’d just paid less than $15 (plus tip) for such excellent food. 

After grabbing some groceries from the Super Ley, we were hoping to find some homemade tortillas for the road. In Mexico you don’t necessarily buy everything on your list from one large supermarket. Instead you might visit a variety of places in order to find the most fresh offerings. A few blocks from the grocery store was a tortillería selling fresh tortillas that you could watch being made right behind the cashier. For less than $3 we walked away with one kilo (2.2lbs) of hot off the press tortillas. 

The drive to our next spot was a short 30 minutes. We arrived on the sandy beach where, for the first time, we would see how well our our friend would do with driving in the sand. He and his truck performed beautifully giving all of us confidence for future sandy beaches that we’re likely to encounter. 

We’ll hang here for a night or two and then head for La Paz where we’ll be in an all new region that we’re excited to get to know better. 

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