Baja Day 45: La Paz

Living and traveling in our truck camper is a lot of constant change. So dedicating 2/3rds of our day today to some semblance of a routine felt amazing. Yoga and meal prep and laundry were all rather cathartic for me today. Hopefully enough so that I can hold off the desire to go home a little longer. 

For dinner we tried out a little local joint in La Paz. The upside to finding local spots is getting to try some real, authentic Mexican food. The downside is the language barrier. Per usual, we fumbled our way through. (When in doubt, just pick something off the menu and see what comes out. It’s kind of a fun little culinary adventure.) A variety of fish tacos were served along with one Marlin empanada and two beers that our waitress went and purchased from the convenience store next door. All in all another delicious meal. 

Back at the campground we did a little route planning for the coming day, followed by playing several rounds of cards beneath the stars. Sitting outside comfortably until well after dark was a joy in itself thanks to what was one of the first truly warm days of the trip.  If the weather stays anything like it was today my desire to head back north will definitely be a thing of the past. 

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  • Two Happy Campers, If you would like a real treat after being out away from the big city, check out Doce Cuarenta Coffee and Bakery for coffee, sandwiches, and baked goodies. It’s located at 1240 (Naturally!) C. Francisco I. Madero, just up from the Baja Club on the Malacon. I think it used to be a more simple bagel shop and years ago I loved to get their fruit bowl, but they seem to have “modernized” their menu and space. Bet it’s still good.

    • When Mark & Parker ordered beer she asked how many they’d like, which left us all very confused. Then when she went to the convenience store to get them we realized why. Traveling in an unknown culture always keeps you on your toes!


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