Baja Day 48: The East Cape

Are we staying or are we leaving was the first question of the day. Ultimately we decided that our desire to not do any driving today outweighed our disinterest in this spot. Sometimes that’s how it is, you may not necessarily be stoked on the campsite but taking a day to stop and tend to other things besides driving is needed. 

I did a lot of cooking and cleaning while Mark did a lot of working on our taxes. While that sounds incredibly straightforward it’s not when living with a limited power supply. I’ve been maxing out our inverter lately as the Instant Pot is my go-to kitchen appliance. While making chickpeas the inverter kept overheating and tripping the breaker causing Starlink to go off and Mark to lose his internet connection. It’s days like this that highlight the challenges of tiny, solar-powered living. 

While our overall day felt mundane we were snapped out of it any time we turned our heads in the direction of the ocean and saw breaching whales and flying Mobula rays. I think we were on the brink of sour moods all day but witnessing sea life right before your eyes will snap you right out of it.  

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nature’s therapeutic qualities are unparalleled. I’ll gladly trade access to unlimited electricity for nature therapy any day of the week. 

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