Baja Day 49: San Dionisio

Our drive today takes us through the bustling city of San Jose del Cabo and with that, we’ve made it as far south as we can go. Before continuing on to our destination, 90 minutes to the north, we scope out restaurant options on google and decide to try out a spot that looks like it will be a good shot at getting some authentic Mexican food. 

Rosalita & Antonio welcome us in to their restaurant like we’re family and we immediately know we’ve chosen well. We’re learning that the best food in Baja is typically prepared from scratch, by a family, in a small establishment. Our meal was excellent and the service even better. 

The day felt like it was off to a great start and I had a feeling it was about to get better. We were headed for the mountains and oh how I’ve missed the mountains. A 20km dirt road led us in to the Sierra de Laguna bio reserve. The road ended at Rancho San Dionisio, a 70 acre ranch owned by Clarence & Isabel, our destination for the night. The property, nestled in a narrow valley with rugged mountains rising high on both sides, has campsites to accommodate about a dozen rigs. We were stoked to snag a spot just big enough for our truck and trailer. 

The sights and sounds of the mountain landscape soothed my soul almost immediately. The fact that our host’s newly rescued puppy cuddled up on my lap while Clarence shared the history of the property with us sealed the deal on this being one of my favorite days in Mexico.

A few phone photos from around San Jose del Cabo:

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