Baja Day 52: San Dionisio

Wind, sand, salt, and sun had begun to take its toll on me last week. The desire to go home growing stronger by the day. Then we got here, to this remote mountain ranch, four days ago, and since then my spirit has been completely recharged.  

Sharing meals and conversations with fellow travelers has been both comforting and rejuvenating. There’s nothing quite like parking a few feet from a fellow camper for several days and becoming fast friends. I can’t think of another situation where you immediately go from meeting a complete stranger to hanging out together for several days straight. It is, without question, my favorite way to make friends. 

The day began with Mark embarking on a sunrise hike to retrieve his drone that crashed the previous evening. It was a bit of a thorny, bushwhacking endeavor but luckily was a success. And the day concluded with hours of storytelling around the fire. 

This place and the people we were lucky enough to share it with have enriched our time in Mexico more than I could ever quantify. Leaving tomorrow is going to be bittersweet. 

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