Baja Day 55: Los Barriles

When I wake to the sound of slapping on the water, I know the rays are close. It’s sunrise and they’re jumping and flying and flipping like crazy. We set off on our paddleboard boat and while I steer us toward the rays Mark flies the drone overhead. What he shows me on the screen is hard for me to comprehend is actually us. Beneath the surface, a few feet ahead of us, are thousands of Mobula rays. My heart races from both excitement and nerves. Next thing I know, I can see the rays with my own eyes right beneath us. It is the most magnificent sight. So much so that I’m in a state of disbelief. Is this real life?

Back on land I am in a state of complete satisfaction and contentment.  While this lifestyle can be challenging and grating at times, when it’s good it fills me up and feeds my soul unlike anything else. The slow pace. The simplicity.  The stopping and watching the ocean for hours on end because our planet is breathtaking and it’s so soothing to just take it all in, to stop and appreciate it. I feel like that is the theme of our winter trips. They’re when we press pause on the treadmill of earning and productivity so that we can pull over on the journey of life, stop and look around, and be in awe of the world around us. Because this planet that we all share is absolutely incredible. 

So incredible that we made a YouTube video about it…

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