Baja Day 58: La Paz

It’s our second full work day at the campground here in La Paz and while it’s far from glamorous it feels great to be getting on top of some administrative tasks that have been nagging at us. 

Today I notice how nicely we’ve settled in to this lifestyle. It’s been two months now living in our truck camper with minimal square footage and very few amenities and yet I want for nothing. My craving to go home has passed and riding out that urge showed me my ability to ride the ups and downs, highs and lows that are inevitable while traveling this way. 

A bittersweet feeling is starting to set in as the end of this trip is a short two(ish) weeks away. I can’t help but get caught up in daydreaming about not going home. What if we didn’t have to go back to the states? Where would we go? What would we do? Would the Pan-Am highway draw us in and take us to Central and South America? I’ve read so many accounts of the journey, lusting over it but not considering it a real life possibility. Until now. Our time in Mexico has shown me that Mark & I are fully capable of that kind of journey, if and when we thought we wanted to attempt it. That doesn’t necessarily mean we ever will, but I love that Mexico has opened the door to that possibility. 

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By michele


Hi!  We’re Mark & Michele, a couple of modern-day nomads perfecting the art of slow, perpetual travel.  Our tiny home on wheels and slow-paced travel style allows us maximum freedom at minimal expense.  This blog is where we share our travels as well as our insights in to this lifestyle that we absolutely love.  Thanks so much for being here.


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