Baja Day 62: Playa Ligui

I’m groggy and half-asleep when I step outside this morning. But Mark said it would be worth it and it was. A perfect pattern of cotton ball shaped clouds line the sky and reflect the rising sun. Both the sky and the ocean are the most magnificent shade of orange. We stand and stare in awe until the sun crests the horizon. Shortly after, the sun disappears behind the cloud layer, taking the light and color with it. 

What turned out to be a gloomy day was a great excuse for me to work on putting together a video with the dozens and dozens of phone and drone clips that we got of the Mobula rays last week. After 6 hours at my laptop I’d cut together a 2.5 minute video of our experience. Nothing makes time disappear quite like video editing, but I’m thrilled to have the visual record of one of the greatest wildlife encounters of my life. 

As we gathered around the grill for dinner, the sun appeared from below the cloud layer giving us a few minutes of sunlight before setting behind the mountains. The day ended just as it began, with another spectacular painting of light across the sky. The wind (and sand) picked up shortly thereafter and I began calculating our next move. With this wind supposedly sticking around throughout the day tomorrow, we may as well continue our trek north. 

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