Baja Day 64: Santa Rosaliita

Going for a walk first thing this morning only heightened the fact that we’re both in need of a shower. We weren’t sure where we were headed from here but we at least knew it needed to be somewhere with some facilities, which greatly narrowed our options. We were packed and ready to go at 9:30am so a four hour drive to an RV park in Guerrero Negro sounded easy peasy. 

At 2pm we were eating fish tacos at our favorite food truck in Baja and by 2:30 were pulling in to the RV park. Showers were feeling tantalizingly close. That was until we learned that the entire place was booked out for the night. Back to the drawing board. While I ran in to the grocery store, Mark surfed iOverlander, the app we reference to find campsites. We decided on a place in the desert which sounded like a fine plan B. It wouldn’t be the first time I put off a shower for another day or two. 

An hour after leaving Guerrero Negro we arrived at our turn, a dirt track in the middle of nowhere. But the entrance to the road was completely washed out and we were quickly reminded that we were back in the region of Hurricane Kay’s path of destruction from last fall. Back to the drawing board. 

Less than an hour up the road was Santa Rosaliita, a fishing village with several pins on iOverlander plus a place that had been recommended to us by a friend. It seemed promising enough and luckily it was because the sun wasn’t far from setting. What started as a simple 4 hour driving day turned in to a 7.5 hour day. We ended up parked on a beautiful, spacious beach overlooking the Pacific and immediately retreated to the camper for the evening. Not really taking stock of how picturesque our surroundings were was a testament to how disinterested we were in dealing with wind and sand. Two things that don’t help one feel any cleaner. Wet wipes would be our consolation prize and the goal of a shower would resume in the morning. 

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  • Ugh, how do you keep your spirits up w/o a shower. The good thing is when you do find a shower it’s gonna be one of the best of your lives. Take care Linny

  • Way to roll with the punches! Half the fun of a goal is the chase…maybe that doesn’t apply here? 🙂

    • It’s all part of the fun for sure! It’s just a little more exhausting some days than others, as I’m sure you know.


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