Baja Day 66: Bahia de los Angeles

This morning was dreamy. Sunny, calm, warm. The water in this very protected bay was glass and we watched several people paddle while we sat on the beach and ate breakfast. 

By the time we got on our paddleboards a cool breeze kicked up. It just figured that one of the only times we decided to use our boards sans electric motor, we end up fighting against the wind all the way back to camp. That’s how the paddleboard catamaran was born, we’re not motivated enough to get out on our boards before the wind shows up. And fighting the wind on a paddleboard kind of sucks the fun right out of it, at least for us. 

As dinner time approached our friend Parker asked us if we wanted to go in to town for dinner. We decided to try Alejandrina’s who’s sign read “the best food in Bahia”. I was rather apprehensive as the sign was nearly identical to the sign of the underwhelming restaurant we tried yesterday and the chips and salsa were indeed exactly the same. But when our orders of tamales, enchiladas, and fish tacos arrived, we happily discovered that Alejandrina’s sign is closer to the truth. 

Back at the beach we rounded out the night with a game of Quirkle and then either called it an early night or a really early night. We switched time zones yesterday and still aren’t exactly sure what time it is. How little we care though is a testament to the fact that we settled in to Baja time a while ago. 

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