Baja Day 67: Bahia de Los Angeles

Our vent/fan (our lifeline to quickly removing odors from our tiny space) breaks this morning just as I’m about to use the toilet. Luckily our shower tent is already set up so I hurriedly carry the toilet out of the camper and in to the tent. In this moment I’m wishing Parker wasn’t parked as close as he is with his back door wide open and pointed directly at my mesh-walled bathroom. These are the idiosyncrasies of this lifestyle that take place in between the picturesque sunrises and sunsets. 

The water is glass this morning so I waste no time getting on a paddleboard and reveling in the fact that I know what kind of bird is flying overhead by it’s reflection on the water. It’s that calm. I’m so glad I enjoyed it because not an hour later the wind ramped up and didn’t quit until well after dark. 

Mid-way through the day I have the pleasure of reconnecting with Nancy & Susan, who we met a few weeks back at San Dionisio, they’re camped right down the beach from us. Sitting in Nancy’s van and exchanging Baja stories was a great way to spend a windy afternoon. I believe these two women are in their 70s and I admire the hell out of them and their adventurous spirits. If I’m still living on the road and exploring new places at 70, I’ll consider myself having won the lottery of life. 

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