Baja Day 68: Bahia de Los Angeles

At 2am I step outside to use the bathroom and thought for a moment it was the break of dawn, the full moon was that bright.  It’s high tide and the water’s edge is a few short feet from our door. I stand beneath the moonlight for several minutes savoring my surroundings. Shortly after a few locals arrive and park a short ways down the beach to enjoy the night in a different kind of way, with alcohol, blaring music, and a little karaoke here and there. 

Barbara, our camp neighbor, comes by in the morning to take us up on our offer of borrowing our paddleboard.  The water is once again glass and I’m thrilled she decided to go out. We enjoy great conversation with her camp-mate Dee as well as Parker and as soon as Barbara returns Mark offers to cook us all breakfast. Breakfast burritos shared with new and old friends on a Tuesday morning on a beach in Baja…I can’t think of a better way to start a day. 

After Parker finishes his work day we hop in his truck and head to town. First stop, Jim y Maria’a campground to empty our toilets. No one is around so I leave our 200 pesos on the table outside their front door. The honor system is prevalent here in Baja and is one of many things I love about the culture. 

We return to Alejandrina’s for another great meal and start to finalize our plans for our last few days here in Baja. Today is the first day that the end of this phenomenal experience feels palpable. With only 4 days left before returning to the states, I’m feeling all the feelings. I imagine I’ll wax poetic about it sometime in the coming days. For now I’m going to challenge myself to be fiercely present as tomorrow will be our last drive-free day and then we’ll do a little bit of driving each day until we reach the border. 

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By michele


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