Baja Day 7: Bahia de Los Angeles

This morning’s sunrise ranked up there with some of the best I’ve ever seen. We watched the show for over an hour and then couldn’t ignore the glassy water any longer. With our mugs full of hot tea, we hopped on our little vessel and went for a morning cruise around the bay. It wasn’t even 8am yet when we got back and we’d already had a damn good day. 

There was still an entire day ahead though so we cooked a delicious breakfast, went for a hike, and paddled some more. 

Dinner theater began around sunset with dozens, maybe even hundreds, of pelicans fishing for their evening meal. A heron danced around in the shallow water chasing fish while I tried my hand at being a nature photographer. That never amounts to much except for immense respect for true nature photogs that have mastered their craft. That job requires more patience and precision than I’ll ever have. 

Shortly after, a kind and frazzled woman approached our camp asking for help. She had gotten her small sedan stuck in the sand while looking for a place to camp. Mark, per usual, didn’t waste any time helping out. With a shovel and sand tracks in hand, he walked with her nearly a mile down the beach back to her car and within a few minutes had her on her way. She thanked me profusely as she drove past our camp and said “Mark said you’ve never gotten stuck”.  Not yet, knock on wood. But I love how he never fails to be prepared for anything and will never hesitate to help a stranger in need.


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By michele


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