Baja Day 70: La Poma

After getting out on the water at sunrise we begin to slowly pack up camp. But as the temp rises the wasps arrive and so we pick up our pace and gladly get on the road. 

An hour or two in to our drive (I never keep track of these things when I’m on Baja time) we arrive at a little roadside restaurant in the middle of nowhere that we loved last year. It’s right off Hwy 1, with nothing else around, and not so much as a sign. (We’ve been three times and I still don’t know the name of the place.) After ordering, we smile at each other for having far better Spanish skills than when we were here this time a year ago. They serve the spiciest salsa we’ve had in all of Baja and for that alone we’re stoked we decided to stop. 

Another hour or two of driving and we arrive at our beach of choice for the night. I have an epiphany about what I thought I knew was true regarding time zones and daylight savings. I try to explain said epiphany to Mark via an amusing drawing of a map that I make and fail miserably. We laugh hysterically for probably 30 minutes straight. This is one of many things I adore about our marriage. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we never fail to entertain one another. 

We do yoga on the beach at sunset and afterwards I try to really soak in this breathtaking coastal setting that, after two and a half months, has started to feel normal. I’m excited to return to the Arizona desert and then the Colorado mountains but I’ll indeed be dreaming of the beaches of Baja until our return. 

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