Baja Day 71: San Felipe

The tide is out this morning revealing a sandbar along the coastline as far as the eye can see. I go on a long walk wearing a T-shirt and no shoes and think to myself…this is the weather I’ve been waiting for for 2.5 months. The sea is as calm as I’ve ever witnessed and with all of that, it’s one of the most magnificent mornings of our entire trip. 

A short hour and a half drive takes us to San Felipe where we grab lunch, run a few errands, and make a plan with Parker for our border crossing tomorrow. Instead of staying at a campground in town as we have in the past, we decide to try out a beach north of town that’s undeveloped and free of charge. 

After playing frisbee for a bit we walk down to the water’s edge and happen upon a spectacular sight. Hundreds of small fish are out of the water and in a complete frenzy. After watching the spectacle in awe, we realize they’re laying eggs. The wonder of the ocean and the life that it sustains has provided us with one unforgettable memory after another on this trip. Things I never could have imagined getting the opportunity to witness.

We continue our walk down the beach as the tide continues to recede. Every minute more sandbar is revealed allowing us to walk hundreds of yards away from the shoreline. The sun is beginning to set as we make our way back to camp and for the next hour the sky puts on a captivating show. We sit back in our beach chairs and soak it all in. I couldn’t have dreamt up a better last day in Baja had I tried. 

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