Baja here we come!

After a lot of shuffling, we are finally ready for the road trip of a lifetime. We’ve temporarily moved out of our larger trailer and in to our more robust and off-road capable utility trailer, and tomorrow cross the border for five weeks in Mexico!

I have dreamt of a Baja road trip for longer than I can remember. Tomorrow, when we cross, I will probably be the most nervous I’ve been in a while. Not because I’m scared but because we haven’t done anything with so many unknowns in quite some time.

We have dozens of questions that we won’t have answers to until we just do it. Online research will only get you so far. At some point you just have to go and see what you find.

I’m so excited to learn and grow and push myself outside my comfort zone. I have no doubt that logging several thousand miles of travel in a foreign country will come with its challenges. I know I’ll miss having running water and a shower and an indoor kitchen, among other things. But I also know I’m about to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I’ll talk about for the rest of my life. For that, I’m so wildly grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see what happens.


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By michele


Hi!  We’re Mark & Michele, a couple of modern-day nomads perfecting the art of slow, perpetual travel.  Our tiny home on wheels and slow-paced travel style allows us maximum freedom at minimal expense.  This blog is where we share our travels as well as our insights in to this lifestyle that we absolutely love.  Thanks so much for being here.


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