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Our path to full-time RV travel was far from straightforward. We’ve tried part-time and full-time travel with various rigs since 2012. It’s now been four years since we last lived in a house and we can’t imagine going back. Here we share a candid account of what it’s like to travel full-time.

A-Z Guide to Full-Time RV Living: Having a home base


Welcome to post 8 of 26 in the A-Z guide to full-time RV Living! H is for Having a Home Base You may find that living and traveling full-time in an RV is a constant juggling of your desire for adventure and exploration vs. the conflicting desire for stability and community.  In other words, you can’t have roots and wings, so they say.  I’ve wrestled with that thought ever since hearing it many...

A-Z Guide to Full-time RV Living: Great Expectations


Welcome to post 7 of 26 in the A-Z guide to full-time RV living! G is for Great Expectations Mark & I have always believed that expectations often lead to disappointment. Our human brains have a knack for painting a picture and often times reality doesn’t align with that picture. I feel like this is even more true when living on the road. When you live in a house, go to a job at the...

A-Z Guide to Full-Time RV Living: Finding places to stay


Welcome to post 6 of 26 in the A-Z guide to living on the road full-time! Living on the road full-time means being constantly on the look-out for places to stay.  If you know what you want and what to look for, the search can be fun.  However, if you’re indecisive by nature, aren’t sure how to find places, or have a tendency to overextend yourself on travel days, finding places to stay could turn...

A-Z Guide to Full-time RV Living: Expenses


Welcome to post 5 of 26 in the A-Z guide to living on the road full-time! There are many catalysts that may prompt a couple or individual to pursue full-time RV living.  Everything from a desire to explore the country, to the ability to follow the weather and travel with the seasons, to the desire to live with less stuff and less expense.  While we set out on the road for all of those...

A-Z Guide to full-time RV living: Downsizing

decluttering for RV living

Downsizing from a house to an RV is no easy feat.  And there’s nothing more effective at making you face the reality of what material items in your life are truly important.  This process, for us, proved to be so much different than a traditional move.  Instead of packing our belongings, loading a truck, moving to another location and unpacking, we had to decide what was important enough to...

A-Z Guide to Full-time RV living: Community & Companionship


Welcome to post 3 of 26 in the A-Z guide to full-time RV living! This post is all about how we maintain relationships with friends and family while living on the road full-time, how we socialize and meet new people, and how we thrive as a couple that is together 24/7 in a 100 square foot living space. Part One:  Community Maintaining Relationships Mark & I were living an independent...

A-Z Guide to Full-Time RV Living: Bears, Bandits & Breakdowns


Welcome to post 2 of 26 in the A-Z guide to full-time RV living.   When people learn that Mark & I live on the road and travel full-time,  the most common question we’re asked pertains to safety.  “But aren’t you scared out there?” is what seems to most naturally roll off of people’s tongues.  The short answer is no, not in the slightest.  But since that concern could...

A-Z Guide to full-time RV Living: Anatomy of a Dream


Welcome to the first post in a 26 part series on how to live on the road and travel full-time! Since living on the road doesn’t happen overnight, I thought I’d kick off this series with a post about dreams. Over the years Mark & I have had the good fortune of turning not just one, but a few of our dreams in to reality.  And we’ve started to discover patterns in the path that we take to...

2022: The highlights


2022 was a great year full of several wonderful and memorable experiences.  I feel like we really hit our stride with living on the road full-time.  Our business really seemed to hit it’s stride as well after a 2 year long overhaul of its identity and mission.  We kicked off the year with our first ever Baja California road trip and on December 30th were back in Mexico for a second winter...

Meet Claire & Brandon: 2 years traveling with 2 cats & 2 dogs in 200 sq ft


Some of our most treasured friendships are with fellow nomads that we’ve met while living on the road. Bonds tend to form quickly when you camp beside each other and hang out together for days, if not weeks, on end. Through this opportunity we get to move past the small talk and discover more about one another’s values, interests, and curiosities, and why we’ve come to live an...


We’re Mark & Michele, modern-day nomads perfecting the art of slow, full-time travel.  Our tiny home on wheels and slow-paced travel style allows us to minimize our expenses while maximizing our freedom.  May our unconventional way of life inspire you to design a life that you love.


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