Baja Day 48: The East Cape


Are we staying or are we leaving was the first question of the day. Ultimately we decided that our desire to not do any driving today outweighed our disinterest in this spot. Sometimes that’s how it is, you may not necessarily be stoked on the campsite but taking a day to stop and tend to other things besides driving is needed.  I did a lot of cooking and cleaning while Mark did a lot of working...

Baja Day 47: The East Cape


Today was a throwback to our rookie days when the draw to see what’s just around the next bend time and time and time again overpowered our decision-making skills to just pick a spot and stop already.  The East Cape of Baja is outlined by a long, bumpy dirt road with endless places to camp on the beach. So today was one of those days when we said over and over again “we could camp there” but...

Baja Day 46: Los Barriles


We packed up and made our way through the hectic city streets of La Paz this morning and continued our journey south. Though we made stops at LaVentana and Ensenada de Muertos, we were in a driving kind of mood and continued on down the road to Los Barriles.  We’ve arrived late in the afternoon to the same beach spot we stayed at last year and shortly after walked down the beach to a...

Baja Day 45: La Paz


Living and traveling in our truck camper is a lot of constant change. So dedicating 2/3rds of our day today to some semblance of a routine felt amazing. Yoga and meal prep and laundry were all rather cathartic for me today. Hopefully enough so that I can hold off the desire to go home a little longer.  For dinner we tried out a little local joint in La Paz. The upside to finding local spots...

Baja Day 44: La Paz


Today is our longest driving day so far. It’s a 4.5 hour trip south to reach La Paz, our next destination. We arrive at our campground of choice at 3pm and are happy to find spots available. We always try to arrive at our next spot between noon and 3pm as it’s late enough that people have packed up and left but soon enough that a new round of travelers haven’t yet arrived. Sure enough a half...

Baja Day 43: Playa Ligui


One night in Loreto was just enough. We were packed in tight among all the other campers inside the small, fully occupied campground. But starting the day with a hot shower and short walk to breakfast made it entirely worth it.  We found an excellent little spot for breakfast called Dory Luz. Not long after our plates were served a woman stepped out of the kitchen and handed us two piping hot...

Baja Day 42: Back to Loreto


We’re back on our southbound trajectory starting with a quick overnighter in Loreto. We’re happy to snag one of the last free spots at the campground in the center of town that we’ve stayed at previously.  Every time we come here my communication skills are put to the test as the receptionist doesn’t speak any English. I’ve gotten decent at my restaurant Spanish but not so much at my...

Baja Day 41: Punta Piedrita


I step outside this morning just before sunrise and see that our paddleboard boat is gone and Mark and Parker aren’t in sight. I assume they’re out on the water though I don’t see them. Moments later I’m startled to see them walking down the beach, a few hundred yards away. Immediately my heart sinks…our paddleboards were stolen. Mark must be going to talk to Chuey, the local that oversees this...

Baja Day 40: Punta Piedrita


The moment the sun rises over the ocean it bathes the inside of the camper in golden light. I can’t think of a more peaceful way to start the day.  I get dressed, wash my face, and a few minutes later hear a voice outside call out to Mark “Are you Two Happy Campers?”.  I step outside (relieved that I’m not in my pjs) and meet Will & Gill. Will is a long-time reader of the blog and...

Baja Day 39: Punta Piedrita


The bay is dead calm this morning. We wake, make coffee, and hop aboard our paddleboard boat. After exploring a small, nearby island we begin our way back to camp when dolphins appear out ahead, and then a few more pop up behind us. I’ve seen more dolphins in the last month than in my entire 42 years of being alive. That alone has made this entire trip worth it.  When we get back Parker...


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