Baja Day 38: Punta Piedrita


One thing you can count on at gringo hot spots like Bahia de Concepcion are enterprising Mexicans. They’re exceptional at finding a need and filling it. If you need food, water, clothing, souvenirs, a car wash, they’ve got you covered.  At 7:00 this morning Manuel was here to collect our nightly fee for camping on his beach. I have no idea how land ownership works around here but in certain areas...

Baja Day 37: Punta Piedrita


Once every week or so I have a day where I really don’t want to be exposed to the elements all day. Today was one of those days. So after getting out on the water this morning I retreated to the comfort of the camper for the afternoon. I tend to feel pretty lame for not being outside making the most of the fact that I get to be living on a beach in Mexico but now that we’re moving in to our...

Baja Day 36: Loreto to Punta Piedrita


This afternoon, after a leisurely and beautiful 2 hour drive, we arrived at Punta Piedrita, aka “the windy side of Santispac”. Playa Santispac is one of the most congested beaches on one of the busiest bays in all of Baja…Bahia de Concepcion. I can see the appeal, the water is turquoise, the beaches are white, and the views expansive. But once a place draws crowds to this level, the appeal (to...

Baja Day 35: Loreto


This morning a cruise ship set anchor off the coast of Loreto and shuttled hundreds of people over to the marina where they would be set free to walk around town. This entirely changed the vibe of the downtown promenade with pop-up vendors setting up booths, restaurants expanding their patios with additional tables and chairs, and the municipal police out in full force to stop traffic and give...

Baja Day 34: Loreto


We started the day with a long walk along Loreto’s malecón (boardwalk) while the sun rose over the Sea of Cortez. The town was just waking up and many of the downtown shops and restaurants preparing to open. We came across a nice camp spot overlooking the ocean on the edge of town and banked it in our memory for future use. Then we made our way home meandering the city streets. With this being...

Baja Day 33: Playa Ligui to Loreto


It seemed criminal to pack up and leave this beach on such a perfect day. But it was due time to get to a town and do some chores. In other words, we smell pretty bad, our toilet is full, we’re overflowing with dirty laundry, and we need to restock our refrigerator.  We didn’t leave before getting some dolphin therapy though. What’s dolphin therapy you might be wondering? Well, it’s waking...

Baja Day 32: Playa Ligui


It’s been a very chill and fairly ordinary day (minus the pod of dolphins that swam by…twice).  I got in to work mode for a few hours. It’s amazing how quickly that mindset removes me from my environment. When I wrapped up and stepped outside I was hit upside the head by my reality. Oh right, I’m living on a beach…in Mexico. How incredible is 21st century technology that I can run my...

Baja Day 31: The Desert to Playa Ligui


This morning we decide that we’re content enough at this roadside pull-off in the middle of the desert that we’ll stay another day.  A vehicle goes by every half hour or so. An equal mix of locals and fellow travelers. This afternoon, while Mark is grilling our dinner, a Mexican family stops, gets out of their truck, and walks up to our camp. The woman is trying to communicate something with...

Baja Day 30: The Desert


Camping in Baja is seemingly a beach-hopping experience. Which is why many might find it odd that Mark & I are currently camped off the side of a dirt road in the middle of the desert. As crazy as this might sound, we found ourselves both craving silence. The ocean, while an exquisite melody to fall asleep and wake to, is a constant source of noise. Spending a night in the stillness and...

Baja Day 29: Agua Verde to The Desert


This beach that we arrived at yesterday was a destination I’ve been eagerly awaiting. Friends and acquaintances and You Tubers have raved about it. What we learned today was, this place that was once a hidden gem, has indeed been discovered. And it felt as though the locals weren’t thrilled about it.  There are many factors that make for an awesome campsite and at the top of that list is “do...


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