Winter in Baja Day 48: Nurtured by nature


The East Cape // At 2:30am I’m sitting cross-legged in the sand beneath the bright light of a waning gibbous drinking a hot cup of tea in hopes of easing the sore throat that’s keeping me awake.  It does the trick and come morning I feel well enough to be outside, progress from yesterday.  Being outside means I get to watch the whales and watching the whales means I’m unable to feel...

Winter in Baja Day 47: Shifting my mindset


The East Cape // The optimism I went to sleep with immediately vanishes from my body when I wake at 4:30am feeling as though my mouth has been lined with concrete and I can hardly swallow.  I get out of bed, Mark following behind, and learn that my voice is nonexistent.   Mark, being the world’s greatest husband, gets right to work making me a cup of tea.  In my barely awake state my...

Winter in Baja Day 46: This could get rough


Rancho San Dionisio -> The East Cape // I love this life so much… living in a tiny space, spending the majority of our time outside, moving to a new location every few days. Most of the time. Then there are days like today, when it just feels hard. I woke up in the middle of the night with a cough and unmistakeable taste in my throat.  I’m sick.  Nothing makes a tiny home feel smaller than...

Winter in Baja Day 45: Embracing routine


Rancho San Dionisio // There are many things to love about Rancho San Dionisio but what I’ve loved most about the last four mornings has been the opportunity for routine.  We wake, drink our coffee and tea, do yoga, cook breakfast, wash our dishes in a real sink with running water, and even do some laundry.  Amenities such as toilets, a kitchen, hot showers, and laundry are as good as any five...

Winter in Baja Day 44: Easy Living at San Dionisio


Rancho San Dionisio // It’s our third full day in the same place and feels so good to wake with no intention of moving.  We wait for the sun to come out and warm the air before stepping outside for a morning yoga session on the lawn.  During yoga a gentle breeze causes the leaves of the giant Ceiba tree beside us to come raining down.  I wonder, in confusion, what month it is...

Winter in Baja Day 43: Bonding with our fellow travelers


Rancho San Dionisio // It’s 40 degrees this morning, by far the coldest morning we’ve experienced this winter.  (A far cry from the below freezing temps we used to endure this time of year in Colorado.). None of us guests on the ranch seem prepared for it and are all huddled around the outdoor kitchen with our hoods over our heads while we drink our coffee and tea.  Time somehow becomes...

Winter in Baja Day 42: A wake up call


Rancho San Dionisio // Hot coffee and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies lure us over to the community kitchen this morning where we join in conversation with fellow travelers.  Clarence & Isabel, the owners and hosts of the ranch, have a way of bringing people together, it’s one of the many things I love about this traveler’s paradise.  With a lawn at our doorstep, rolling out our...

Winter in Baja Day 41: Returning to Rancho San Dionisio


La Ribera -> San Dionisio // Sure enough, the locals came to party last night.  That’s always the risk when camping on a beach near a populated area but we were in need of a place to sleep and hoped for the best.  Luckily it didn’t last all night but for a few hours the music was loud and the hooting and hollering even louder.  Interestingly enough, what did make noise all night...

Winter in Baja Day 40: A day for the dogs


Los Frailes -> La Ribera // The encounter we were hoping we wouldn’t have occurs at 7am this morning.  After taking a closer look yesterday at the welcome sign that we passed on the way to where we’re parked, Mark and I deduced that we’re most likely not supposed to be camping where we are.  Sure enough a park ranger pays us a visit and confirms our suspicions.  Unlike in the States, where...

Winter in Baja Day 39: Disappearing sun


The East Cape // Ocean theatre begins first thing this morning with whales breaching not too far from the coastline.  I grab a chair and walk barefoot in the sand towards the water where I join the rest of the group for the morning show.  A mama whale and calf appear right before our eyes, so close to the shore that we could easily swim out to them.  Stepping away to make breakfast...


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