I couldn’t ask for a better neighbor than Utah.  While Spring here in the Colorado Rockies looks no different than Winter, Utah offers welcoming temps, freshly bloomed trees and miles upon miles of remarkable landscapes to be explored.

We left April 2nd and returned April 11th spending 10 nights exploring Southern Utah’s expansive BLM lands as well as lakeside camping at Lake Powell.  Our first night was spent on the Colorado/Utah border at McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area.  Anytime we travel to Southern Utah McInnis serves as a great jumping off point as we rarely give ourselves enough time for a full day of travel the first day.

This trip entailed zero route planning before we left, we just new we wanted to go somewhere warm.  After encountering hoards and hoards of fellow recreationalists all pointed at Moab, we decided to travel a little further West and set off down Highway 24 in the direction of Goblin Valley State Park.  This area too seemed to draw quite the crowds but we soon found the seclusion we were seeking a few miles down Wild Horse Rd.  The dirt road led us down a wash until we climbed up and got to enjoy views of San Rafael Reef as well as terrain so unusual it could only be described as otherworldly.  Though our maps showed the road crossing Muddy River and connecting to another thru road, there were no signs of any way to cross the water.

A little bit of backtracking led us to a nice flat campsite among the boulders where we spent the remainder of the day stringing our belongings all about Utah after a little water mishap in the camper.  Tip: Never go off-roading with anything less than heavy duty water containers.

These remarkable formations were a highlight of the day’s drive.
GPS coordinates: 38°32’29.05″N 110°52’12.70″W

Not easily seen in this photo, the end of the road drops off several feet in to the water making a water crossing unlikely.  I’d say impossible but I’m sure people try it.

Drying out our belongings after a little water leak in the camper.

Campsite location: 38°32’47.10″N 110°49’33.32″WWhere the road ended and we could not cross Muddy River: 38°31’52.59″N 110°54’12.40″W
Where Google Earth shows a much more likely river crossing: 38°31’55.43″N 110°54’5.86″W