Now that Mark is well on his way to getting his pilot’s license, I figure it’s time I get into aerial photography.  We’ve already established the fact that I’m the world’s worst navigator so unfortunately I’m not going to be much help in that department.  Being that I already have the skills, the gear and now my own personal pilot, it only makes sense.  And with the flight we had last week, you wouldn’t have caught me dead without a camera.Flight training in Arizona definitely comes with its perks.  For Mark’s first cross-country flight (a flight that involves taking off and landing at more than one airport) we flew up to the Grand Canyon stopping in the small town of Seligman along the way, followed the Grand Canyon to Lake Mead, crossed over the Hoover Dam and followed the Colorado River back to Havasu.


The flight was breath-taking.  I’ve stood on the rim of the Grand Canyon before but this was a completely different perspective.

Once I become a highly sought after aerial photographer, I’ll have to request only sunrise and sunset flights from my pilot in order to avoid the drab mid-day light but for now I’ll take what I can get : )


Lake Mead

The Hoover Dam.  Props to the pilot for doing a great job of setting up this shot for me.

Hopefully our next trip to the Grand Canyon will involve backpacking into the canyon.  I think that would be amazing!