We had one week to spend in the Lake Mohave area and our intentions were to travel all the way around the lake, hitting up four or five different camp sites along the way.  All that went out the window when we arrived at our first stop at the end of Cottonwood Road outside Kingman, AZ.  At first we weren’t sure which spot to choose of the many beautiful and available sites until we found one located in a picturesque cove that was completely blocked from the rising winds.  We had the option of setting up camp on a flat, sandy landing about 100 feet from the water or parking right on the water’s edge.  Although the beach was rocky, you can’t beat camping right one the water so that’s what we did.

Four perfect nights came to an end all too quickly.  Although I imagine this being a popular destination during the summer, we only saw one other person while we were there and felt as though we had the entire lake to ourselves.  The water was clearer than anything I’d seen since I went to Cancun many years ago and the mild 60-70 degree temps were a treat being that it was December.

Below: Cottonwood Rd. was well maintained with the exception of some washboard.


Below: The road about 1/4 mile from camp.

Below: The flat landing that was our alternative camp site.  You can see our paddleboards on the beach in the distance.

Below: The break in the vegetation was just wide enough to drive the truck thru.

Below:  This is why I love owning a truck camper.  We can camp just about anywhere.

Below:  Some of the clearest water we’ve ever seen.  When we paddled out we could see to what we’re estimating to be about 30-40 feet deep.

Below: One afternoon we tied our paddleboards to this tree and floated in the water for hours.  Actually, remembering back, it was Christmas day.  What a glorious way to spend Christmas.

At night, the only light that could be seen was the glow of Laughlin, NV far, far off in the distance.

Below are all my iPhone photos from when I wasn’t in the mood to carry a camera around.

If you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend this boondocking camp site!

GPS coordinates: 35.477903, -114.663557
Elevation: approx. 663′
Vicinity: The end of Cottonwood Rd.  Cottonwood Rd. is located off Highway 93 North of Kingman, AZ.
Cost: Free
Note: No amenities
Access: While there was some washboard and steep sections, this was an easy area to access.