A look inside our Four Wheel Camper

interior video of four wheel camper

We bought our Four Wheel Camper back in 2012 and I remember the process of researching and shopping for the perfect rig.  I was like a sponge to any info regarding truck campers that I could get my hands on.  Now that we’ve had our setup for a few years now and have everything pretty dialed in I thought I’d put together a little video to show the inside of our camper, what it looks like, what we take with us and how it’s all organized.  Maybe some of you are currently in the research phase like we were five years ago and can get a little inspiration from how much can fit in to a small space.

If you see any gear in the video that you’d like to know more about, be sure to check out our GEAR WE LOVE page!

Check out the video below for a tour of our Four Wheel Camper Hawk Shell…




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  • You folks are mind readers. I have been cruising the ads for a used Four Wheel unit and your video offers up a lot of information for a newbie to consider. Thank you for sharing. I always look forward to your post.
    Columbus, OH.

  • Saw one parked at White Dome rock in Valley of Fire yesterday. Looks like a great camper. Very good informative video. Thanks.

    • Yes, it’s on top of the cushions from the factory. We’re able to close the top with the mattress pad on there. Not sure if that would be true for all FWC models but for our Hawk it works great!

  • (1) I noticed in one of your posts a rear-hitch storage locker on top of which you mount two bicycles. After having had my own bicycle on a read mount hitch, and driving on dirt roads, the chain and suspension system are full of grit that I will not ever get out. Other than wrapping in plastic, I haven’t come across a way to keep the bikes clean when travelling and mounted outside somewhere (roof, front hitch, rear hitch). Have you two come up with anything, or seen anything to keep bicycles clean when mounted externally on a vehicle? (2) How did you secure the fridge platform with respect to screws or bolts, and did they go into wood or aluminum framing? Asking because I like the idea of kitting the inside out myself and wondering how easy it is to secure cabinets and a table-top, etc. Thanks for everything you’ve posted.

    • We’re having the same experience as you with our bikes. They used to be mounted inside our utility trailer and that was great, but now that they’re mounted outside, they’re getting pretty beat up. We’re really not sure what the best solution is. I wish I had a better answer for you!

      Regarding the fridge platform, Mark used screws to secure it to the cabinets on either side of it.

      • Hello, enjoying your blog. I am planning the purchase of a 4 WC shell. Are the two storage drawers above the fixed window standard in the shell or did you make and install. Thank you.


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