To our delight, our travel trailer sold quickly.  In February, we emptied it of all our belongings and delivered it to its new owners.  The only problem now was how we were going to get all our possessions from Arizona back home to Colorado.  For those of you that don’t know, we had been living full-time in our travel trailer for the winter here in Arizona.  Well, as some things just seem meant to be, 4 days after selling our travel trailer we purchased this very cool little utility bed trailer.

It’s a truck bed converted in to a trailer complete with topper and toolbox.  We wanted something large enough to cart all our stuff back to Colorado but small enough to tow along with us on some of our longer camping trips.  We figure there’s no better way to haul extra food, water, fuel, firewood, etc.

We immediately put the new trailer thru it’s paces traversing many miles of Arizona back-roads.  It performed flawlessly, served as a great kitchen setup (see Mark cooking in the 1st photo) and got us excited about no longer having to keep certain things in the camper like paddleboards and firewood.

We don’t intend to take it on every camping trip as it does add a level of difficulty in terms of how much space we need to turn around and slows the pace at which we feel comfortable traveling on dirt roads.  But for those longer camping trips where we’d like to bring along more resources, it’s the perfect solution.  It can go a heck of a lot more places than that 30′ monster that we were hauling around for a few months.

Only a few nights in to owning our new toy and we were coming up with all kinds of fun ideas to make it the ultimate adventure trailer.  We could add a solar panel, an inverter, lighting in all the cabinets, an awning, a sink, the possibilities are endless.  But, the whirlwind of buying and selling a travel trailer in a few short months has left us wanting to slow down and be more thoughtful about our future projects.

The first project will be new tires to get all our possessions safely back to Colorado as well as possibly swapping out the truck axle for a trailer axle and adding trailer brakes.  Mark is still heavily debating that idea.

When we sit at camp and look at this trailer and think back to the travel trailer, we’re humored by how much better this cheap, weird, one-of-a-kind little homemade trailer fits our lifestyle.

This will be an ongoing project that Mark will tinker with at his leisure.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any fun modifications we decide to do!