What is it about camping that makes food tastes better? Have you ever noticed that? The answer is what makes everything better while camping…living in the moment. At home, how often do you cut out all the distractions while sitting down to a meal and do absolutely nothing but savor the food you’re eating? Day to day life is all about satisfying our minds. Camping is all about satisfying our senses. Living in the moment and eliminating all the noise of daily life allows us to truly engage with our surroundings. The scent of the fire, the howling of coyotes in the distance and panoramic mountain views bring me more delight and satisfaction than any TV episode ever could.

A few weeks ago during our annual camping trip to our friends land in central Colorado, I captured a few shots that really convey the spirit of what camping is all about and thanks to our dear friends, even got a few new photographs of Mark & I – a rare sight since we’re always the ones taking the photos. There really is nothing in the world like sharing stories around a crackling campfire with great friends.

Whether it be an afternoon walk or a weekend getaway, get outside and connect with Mother Nature. Her ability to rejuvenate your spirit is extraordinary.