How to start your own travel blog

get your photos off your memory cards and on to a beautiful website of your own

We initially started Two Happy Campers as a way to document our travels and share them with friends and family.  Blogs are the new scrapbooks and if you’re guilty of sharing your last trip through the screen on the back of your camera then it’s time you started one too!

how to start a travel blog

1. Select a Host & Domain Name

2. Install WordPress

3. Give it some style

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1.  Select a Host & Domain Name

First off, choose a host, this is the service that provides space on the internet to hold your website.  We recommend  After many years with Bluehost, we’ve recently transferred to a new host due to the needs of our growing businesses.  We recommend Bluehost as an excellent, low-cost option for people just getting started.  Also, your domain name is free when you host your website with Bluehost!

At, choose “Get Started Now” and pick your plan.  We recommend the starter plan to get you going:


Next, name your website!  Ours is  Have fun with it and get creative.  If the task seems daunting, try using your first and last name.  After selecting your Bluehost plan, find the box below to see if your desired name is available.


When choosing your package options, select Domain Privacy Protection if you would to keep your address and phone number from being displayed to the public.


2.  Install WordPress

After you’ve finished signing up with Bluehost, it’s time to install WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging platform.  (I don’t know that for fact but WordPress is like Facebook, everyone uses it!)  WordPress is easy to use and has countless options to customize your website.  Two Happy Campers is a WordPress website as well as our photography business website.

Log in to Bluehost, click on cPanel then find “Install WordPress”.


Select the FREE WordPress install:


Click on “Check Domain”


You’re almost there!

Optional: Click on “show advanced options” to choose a custom username and password instead of the default.

Then click on “Install Now”.


Once your installation is complete, click on “View Credentials” in the upper right hand corner:



Then click on “View”:



Make note of your username and password as you will need this information every time you log in to WordPress to work on your website.  Click on the “Admin URL” link:


 Clicking on the “Admin URL” link will take you to your WordPress login page:


Bookmark this page and make it easy to find in your web browser.  This is where you’ll go anytime you want to work on your website.

Congratulations you are now the owner of your very own website!  Now it’s time to make it your own!


3.  Give it some style

You have your own website, now it’s time to have some fun!  Choose a theme from a wide variety of paid and premium options.  To browse themes (log in to your WordPress website) click on Appearance –> Themes from your WordPress sidebar.

We highly recommend Elegant Themes.  Two Happy Campers uses Divi by Elegant Themes.  Click here to browse their themes.

After you select a theme, blog away!  Write about your travels, upload photos and have fun!