For years now we’ve contemplated what we want this website to be.  How to make it more than just a travel journal.  How to create content that is authentic and meaningful.  I can tell you that I don’t want this to be a campsite directory, I think the search for the perfect campsite is half the fun.  I know I don’t want to write how-to guides.  As much as we love our Four Wheel Camper and as much as Mark has customized it to be the perfect setup, I have yet to figure out how to extract his knowledge in a way that I can translate to those who inquire about solar and so forth.

So that leaves me to ponder, what do we want this website to be?  What can we share that’s not already out there?

The beauty of this website and the outdoor-centric lifestyle we crave is that it’s opened a door in to a world we would have never otherwise known about.  A world where people of all ages are challenging the status quo, trading conformity for curiosity.  They’re setting out in vans, rvs, tiny houses and sailboats…LIVING. Everyday people with a burning desire to do something different.  Beyond the pretty pictures on social media are stories of how and why ordinary people create extraordinary lives.  And for a couple of years now I’ve wanted to share those stories.

With that, I could not be more excited to kick off the first of what I hope to be many interviews with these modern day vagabonds.  If you are interested in sharing your story, we would love to hear from you!  It’s stories like these that I hope to spark a flame inside of others to pursue adventure, no matter how off-beat your dreams may be.

Our first interview is with professional photographer and full-time Airstream traveler Seth K. Hughes.  Prepare to be captivated by his remarkable lifestyle and stunning photography.  Enjoy!