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The night I was trying to wrap up the article I’d written about our Top 10 Favorite Pieces of Camping Gear, I sat down with Mark to compare our top 10 favorites to make sure we were on the same page before I hit publish.  After about an hour of Mark listing out every piece of gear that he loves and wouldn’t want to camp without (which is many things I might add), I finally got him to reluctantly choose his 10 favorites.  I say reluctantly because our conversation was very much a logical male vs. a light-hearted female type exchange.  While I threw out the top 10 things that came to my mind, he explained why you can’t have this thing without that thing and so forth.  Or how this piece of gear doesn’t make any sense without these other four things.  Which is precisely why he spent about an hour telling me about the many things he loves to use at camp.  And honestly, I can’t blame him for loving all of it.  We don’t impulsively buy anything.  Everything has a need and is thoughtfully researched before it’s purchased. Which is exactly why I love taking the opportunity to share these lists with you.  You may not have the time or desire to do the same kind of research so we’re here to tell you what we love and what is worth your hard-earned cash.  Even if we had to create very different His & Hers Top 10 lists!

Mark’s selection process started by breaking down all our gear in to categories and by the names of the following categories you’ll see why I’m the writer around here ; )

Mark’s camping gear categories:

Things to light things
Things to cut things
Things to sharpen things
Things to make fire
Things to take advantage of that fire
Things to hike with
Things to document things
Things for protection from the elements
Things to charge things
Things to connect to the internet

From those categories, I got him (okay, maybe I made him) choose a favorite from each.  SO…without further ado…here are a few of Mark’s favorite things:

favorite camping gadgets

Favorite knife: Morakniv outdoor knife with carbon steel blade
These inexpensive knives take and hold a really sharp edge.

Favorite sharpening tool: Diamond impregnated cards
An effective sharpening tool that is compact and easy to take anywhere.

best camping gear

Favorite fire starter tool: Fire Sleeve
Bic lighters are by far the easiest way to have fire.  This protective sleeve sees that your lighter button won’t accidentally get pressed and run out of fuel.

best camping gadgets

Favorite use of fire: Kelly Kettle
Any natural fuel can be used to boil water using the Kelly Kettle so all we have to do is gather some sticks from around camp and within minutes we have boiling water.  We always keep a thermos full of hot water on hand for everything from coffee to cooking to hot showers in our homemade camp shower.

best hiking gear

Favorite piece of hiking gear: Keen waterproof hiking boots
These have been our go-to hiking boots for years.  Mark is on his third pair and loves them for their durability, comfort and waterproof qualities.

camping gadgets gear

Favorite camera: DJI Mavic Pro
It’s so cool to have the ability to get a photo of our campsites from a few hundred feet in the air. However, we’ve found that we’re only comfortable using it in remote areas where we know we won’t be a nuisance to someone else when using it.

favorite camping gadgets

Favorite way to protect against the elements: Tarp & para cord
A cheap, effective and versatile way to protect against the elements while camping or hiking.

best camping gadgets

Favorite charging method: USB solar charger
You can’t beat the portability and functionality of this compact solar panel.  Combined with the headlamp below you can have light and power anywhere.

Favorite flashlight: Fenix HL60R rechargeable LED headlamp
Mark loves the ability to recharge things with USB.  In addition, this headlamp has 950 lumens, four brightness levels and a 18650 lithium battery that can last for over 100 hours in Eco mode.

Favorite piece of gear for connectivity: Verizon hotspot
We’ve had excellent results with this hotspot.  The most technologically advanced LTE hotspot on Verizon.  Comes with two antenna ports which is important for trying to get the best signal in remote locations.

What I thought would be a fairly simple “here’s 10 things we love to use at camp” kind of post, instead turned out to be two round-about articles that ended up detailing 17 things we love (we agreed on 3 things).  Regardless of the number, we hope maybe you’ll find your next favorite piece of gear from our two lists!

And if you’re up for a challenge, let us know in the comments what 10 pieces of camping gear you own that you wouldn’t want to live without!